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Family Law

What is Included in Family Law?

Family law includes divorce, child custody, paternity, victim protect orders, emergency custody orders, adoptions, name changes and much more. We dedicated a page on our website specifically to cover divorce, to read it, click here. At Duncan & Hill Law Firm, we always offer our potential clients free consultations at our office in Oklahoma City. Our court schedule will dictate when we can get you into the office but we know clients are eager to meet promptly about these important matters and we will do our best to accommodate you with same day, or next day appointments if we can. At our consultation we will walk you through what we are equipped to do for you and your family, and do our best to answer all of your questions. There is absolutely no pressure to hire us at your free consultation, it’s important to pick the attorney team that is best for you—if you decide that’s us, then we are happy to work for you and your family’s goals!

Child Custody

Regardless of whether or not a couple with a child is married, when they decide to part ways—child custody becomes at issue. In many households, the parents are able to determine for themselves what arrangement they want and what works best for them and their child. If the parents are able to come to some sort of agreement (ie: you have our child on the weekends and summers, I’ll keep him or her the rest of the year) then there is no reason why attorneys or court systems need to be involved. It is when the couple cannot agree on what type of custody arrangement to use that a case is filed and litigated, and ultimately the custody issue is decided by a judge. This is, in our opinion the most emotional practice of law. Oftentimes we will encourage our clients to try a mediation session before going in front of a judge to resolve custody. Mediation gives us one last chance to see if the parties (with their attorneys present) can candidly discuss what is best for their child and come to an arrangement. If not, arguing for our clients before the court is what we at Duncan & Hill Law Firm do best!

What is a Paternity Action?

A paternity action is very similar to a divorce in the sense that it will determine the custody and child support for a couple’s minor child, the difference being the parents are not married. The matter of who can file a paternity action is often misunderstood. Under Oklahoma law, a paternity action may be brought by the child, the mother, the father, and DHS. In court there are several terms that float around for the dad including: “acknowledged father,” “alleged father,” “presumed father,” and “adjudicated father.” The “acknowledged father” is a man who has accepted his role as the father to the child in question and has signed a form called “acknowledgment of paternity.” The “alleged father” is a more of a genetic term in that it is used for a man who either is claiming to be the child’s biological father, or who is alleged to be the biological father. “Presumed father” is the term for the man who is considered to be the father under the law until a party questions that status. A man can become the presumed father in several ways, one of which is living with the child for the first two years of the child’s life and holding out to the community the child as his own. Lastly, the “adjudicated father” is the man whom the court has adjudicated to be the dad based on evidence presented to it. Once the father has been determined one way or the other, the paternity action is procedurally quite simple—although we cannot stress enough the importance of being properly represented by an attorney who is working hard for you!

Set up an Appointment

Give us a call if you have an Oklahoma family law case. It would be our pleasure to set up an appointment with you to go over all of the surrounding facts, law and help answer any question you may have. Our office schedules in person meetings Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm. Our office is located in the Plaza District of Oklahoma City and you can reach us at (405) 768-2411.

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