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Personal Injury

If you’ve suffered from a serious injury or accident, your number-one priority is getting healthy and moving forward with your life. Getting back to normal can be difficult with medical bills and costly repair bills piling up. At Duncan & Hill, we fight to make you whole and help you get back to normal.

How Can I Receive Help If I’ve Been Injured?

Whether you’ve been injured in a car wreck, a work place accident, or another accident through no fault of your own, you may have the right to receive compensation for your injuries (called “damages”). This compensation may cover the following: property damage (e.g., damage to your vehicle), mental anguish (pain and suffering), medical expenses, lost wages, and wrongful death. When you’ve been injured in an accident, it’s important to consult with an attorney to understand your legal rights. Here at Duncan & Hill Law Firm we can help explain your rights and your ability to recover damages from those responsible. Before a lawsuit is ever filed, an attorney can send what’s known as a “demand letter” to the party or parties responsible. The demand letter lays out the key facts and law of your claim and invites the recipient to pay a settlement to forego filing a lawsuit. Typically, the issuance of this demand letter is the first step in the litigation process. The recipient may take the opportunity to settle your claim early, sparing both sides the time and expense of a lawsuit. If the responsible party is unwilling to pay (or is unwilling to pay enough), we can file a lawsuit on your behalf, beginning the formal legal process. Before filing a lawsuit, it is important to meet with a lawyer who can explain the advantages and disadvantages of going to court and the risks entailed. At Duncan & Hill Law Firm we provide all of our potential clients with a free consultation to go over your case and legal options.

How Do I Win My Case?

In personal injury cases, a crucial element of the claim is proving one’s injuries were caused by the defendant’s wrongful conduct. This is why it is important that you obtain and keep any and all documentation from medical providers related to your injuries. It is also important that you document any other negative effects resulting from your accident—for example, for pain and suffering that you’ve experienced. In Oklahoma, plaintiffs are typically required to prove their pain and suffering (also referred to as mental anguish) has manifested in tangible and concrete ways that have affected their lives. For instance, you may not be able to sleep or care for your kids after the accident. You may no longer enjoy activities that you previously enjoyed. Certainly, if you are unable to work because of the accident, you need to document it. In general, if you’ve been harmed in a certain way due to an accident, keep a record of it. Such documentation becomes key evidence when negotiating a settlement with the other side or presenting your case to the jury.

How Does Insurance Affect My Case?

Personal injury cases can be complicated because they often involve insurance companies and large corporations. Due to their size, resources, and lawyers, these entities will oftentimes take advantage of ordinary people. It’s important to have an attorney in your corner who knows how the system works and can advocate for your rights. Don’t battle the insurance company alone.

How Does the Statute Of Limitations Work?

It’s also important not to wait too long before bringing a lawsuit for injuries to yourself or loved ones. Oklahoma, like other states, has statutes of limitation, which bar lawsuits for certain injuries that occurred after a certain period of time. It is key to meet with an attorney quickly to understand the relevant timing and ensure you abide by all relevant laws and time requirements.

What Is A Contingency Fee?

At Duncan & Hill Law Firm, we provide free consultations where we get to know you and learn about your case. We can then provide you with options on how to proceed with your case and develop a strategy for success. For personal injury cases, we offer contingency fee arrangements, which mean you don’t pay us anything unless you get paid. Give us a call and learn how we can help.

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